Key factors
User needs
Centralize back office tasks to a single service.
Business needs
Increase customer retention of the Bambee's service suite.
Infrastructure needs
Enable internal teams for both payroll onboarding and support at scale.
Managing staff earnings
The first step to any payroll is managing each staff's earnings. Our existing owners range from tracking their staff's time in spreadsheets or a separate time tracking service. After interviewing our audience, we decided on a focused drawer experience instead of the traditional table. Our owners had difficulty orienting themselves while navigating a long horizontal table on smaller desktops.
Simplifying information
When previewing a payroll, we stripped back the initial information, displaying only the essential information. Owners who want to double-check all calculations are correct can dive into additional layers of information.
Task shortcuts
To streamline good payroll practices, we provide shortcuts on the confirmation screen for business owners to complete at their leisure.
Supporting screens
Beyond running payroll, the rest of the compensation experience provides easy access to historical payrolls, tax documents, and payroll-specific configurations.
Onboarded close to 100 SMBs and processed $4.5 million within six months resulting in 100% three-month retention for HR + Payroll customers vs. ~60% for customers with only HR.
The team
Product Manager
Sarah Moisan-Thomas
Adam Lane, Daniel Cress, James Lee, Matt Schnee, Seth Alexander, Tommy Coppers
Internal Council
Kara Stapp
Matt Goldsmith, Mike Ruangutai
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