Account details
The platform was created to alleviate the need for traders to have multiple tabs or windows open. Working with the trading team, it was important for them to have a reference of key account information (account number, value, etc), while being able to review trade settings, transaction history, and trade requests. The sidebar provided a good solution and gives easy access to the page's main content.
Household details
Provides an overview of all the accounts under a single household, individual accounts may have different volatility based on their portfolios. The household performance provides a complete picture of an investor's financial status.
Investment product details
Allows the trading team to configure investment strategies, by adjusting the weights of specific models (grouping of investments). Any changes made to a strategy is recorded due to regulation and can be easily accessed from the menu.
The team
Product Manager
Josh Jongsma
Anthony Xian, Ben Pham, Jamie Giuliano, Kayla Ziegler
Internal Council
Tom Bouwkamp
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