Simplifying information
In contrast to other investment platforms, our investors are exclusive to those who work with an active financial advisor. With this in mind, the landing page is intentionally kept lightweight for investors checking their accounts once a week. For more detailed analytics, investors can dive in to see individual account performance and allocation strategy to assist in more detailed conversations with their advisor.
Opening new accounts
Opening new investment accounts at traditional custodians was prone to human error; missing information, spelling mistakes, or a missing initial, which would cause delays in the process. Moving to a digital platform allowed us introduce multiple forms of validation that prevents common mistakes, not only reducing the turnaround time for an application, but also the burden on our Advisor Services team to resolve faulty forms.
Moving money
Traditionally, an investor or their advisor working with multiple custodians (Fidelity, Charles Schwab, Vanguard, etc) would need to have the knowledge of what forms they need to fill in order to trigger a specific type of transfer.
The Client Portal centralizes the transfer process providing a consistent experience every time for the investor. While the logic of form types and requirements are automatically determined in the background for an error free submission.
Save for later
Moving money any direction is a big decision. To aid the investor, both deposits and withdraws can be saved mid-way to allow them to discuss with their advisor if they ever need assistance.
All in-progress forms can be accessed from both the homepage as well as the deposit or withdraw landing page, letting the investor pick-up where they left off.

Deposit Flow

Withdraw Flow

Custom advisor styling
Tying into the rebranding service provided by the marketing team, the Client Portal can be customized, providing a consistent look and feel throughout their investor's experience.

We updated are design system from the ground up to accommodate the various advisor brands.

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The team
Product Manager
Kevin Min
Gabriel Talavera, Jared Schilling,Katherine Eugenio, Matt Vo
Collaborating Designer
Alex Chavez
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