Key factors
User needs
Reduce the number of offline estate planning tasks and provide a higher quality estate packet.
Business needs
Increase the accuracy and validity of potential donations and donors.
Infrastructure needs
Consolidate and expand the various asset tables.
Educate and automate
We took extra care when introducing legal concepts, providing context to help new users understand how it impacts their Will-making process and automatically grouped assets based on key criteria to reduce the unnecessary uncertainty technology is meant to help.
Light side, dark side
Debt is equally as important as a person's assets. When users add assets such as homes or vehicles with remaining loan, we make a note of it to kick start the next step.
Packaging it all up
After users download their Will, they'll also receive a list of assets and debts to aid their loved ones and representatives.
The team
Product Manager
Leena Moiz
Juvaria Shahid, Kelsey Duncan, Michael Huang, Schyler Hosler, Tori Manchen
Internal Council
Allison Lee
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